Safety Lab Eros 2.0 Review

Safety Labs Helmets, using extensive experience and proven production technologies, can of an excellent combination of price and quality for their helmets.

If you are not purchasing the most popular labels for your equipment, but prefer European style and functionality at an affordable price, then I highly recommend taking a closer 2.0 helmet.

For more than twenty-five years of being a bicycle enthusiast, I have accumulated quite a lot of experience using bicycle helmets from different brands. I have already ridden several hundred kilometers in my new Safety Labs Eros 2.0, and can confidently say that it is one of the best helmets I have ever used for long trips.

It is quite light (246 grams in size XL), especially compared to heavier MTB helmets. I hardly notice it in my head. Even after hundreds of kilometers in the saddle, I don’t feel its weight to any discomfort.

In addition to the comfort, the Pro 360 locking system offers a secure and safe fit. I have a large head, and almost always I had to “modify” the inside of helmets so that they did not put pressure on my temples. In the case of Eros 2.0, there were problems, it fits perfectly on the head, and the fixation system works perfectly around the entire perimeter of the helmet.

If you have a large head and occasionally experience discomfort from helmet pressure during long rides, then the Safety Labs Eros 2.0 will be a very pleasant surprise. I am sure that you will forget about the inconvenience or even possible pain. (yes, sometimes an incorrectly fitted helmet can cause a headache that goes unnoticed in these conditions)

I like the design of the helmet and the ventilation is exceptional. Despite its lightweight, the helmet looks and feels very solid and reliable. Although this particular model does not have MIPS protective technology, I am sure that it will perform its protective function properly.

The outer shell of the Eros 2.0 helmet is made of polycarbonate and covers the material not only on the top but also in, but also on the bottom, like a top-end, more expensive helmet. The helmet is made using «In-mold technology», which allows the outer layers of the helmet to be held together as firmly as possible. When you pick up this helmet, it’s hard to believe that it costs almost half as much as other helmets of similar quality. A pleasant feeling of a bargain – having significantly, you get a premium item. In my opinion, this is cool.

Another LED flashlight is built into the back of the helmet. At dusk or night, you can always use this flashlight as an additional element of road safety. The flashlight’s battery lasts for several hours, and I still haven’t completely discharged yet to find out exactly how long the charge will last. By the way, the helmet comes from the factory with an already charged battery, a small thing, but a nice convenience.

I found practically no shortcomings with the helmet, except for the excessively long strap, which, after fixing and adjusting the helmet to the head, hangs from the fastener. At speed, it whips across the earlobe. With little effort, I eliminated this drawback by simply cutting off the excess with scissors. It seems to me that it is better to cut off the excess than to find out that the sling is too short. It’s good that Safety Lab took this point into account.

To summarize, I can responsibly recommend this helmet to all lovers of road and gravel trips; for relatively little money you will get a truly high-quality product that will gently and comfortably protect your head for many seasons to come.

Have fun and a good ride!

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