About Us


Created by a talented team of professional riders with a passion for cycling who carry more than a decade of product development experience and industry knowledge, bring the freshest style, ultimate performance, and modern technologies to the cycling marketplace.  Their expertise has positively influenced the company to go through an evolution marked by success through its marketing exposure and global partnerships.

Safety Labs’ mission to deliver superior comfort, maximum performance, is achieved through technological excellence and design in all their products. Safety Labs is continuously researching ways to go beyond and push the limits even further of what a cycling helmet can be. In partnership with Swedish company MIPS, Safety Labs offers cycling helmets that take safety to the next level.

MIPS Technology

Based on over 25 years of research into rotational motion, MIPS or Multi- directional Impact Protection System is a thin low friction layer located between the EPS and inner helmet liner that reduces harmful rotation that can cause permanent brain injury and neck injuries. With most helmets on the market today only being tested and approved for straight impacts, which are less common, MIPS protects against not only straight, but angled oblique impacts. This brain protection system, now a global success, plays a large role in the design and implementation of Safety Labs Helmets, making them the most unique of its kind.

Safety Labs is committed to maintaining the highest standards in safety helmet production to offer the best helmets for international customers. Safety Labs Helmets, were developed to fit the needs of professional cyclists and amateur riders alike, and therefore ensure that they meet even the most rigorous industry standards to allow every rider to push the limits of every ride. In all aspects, Safety Labs helmets are at the highest level within the cycling industry.